Ok, so you just friended some guy or girl on Facebook. Maybe you've known them for a bit and are just bored. Maybe you don't know them very well, but you want to earn creeper points without alerting them.

So thats all fine and dandy to be a creeper. It's actually a pretty natural thing to do. I'm sure Adam would have creeped on Eve if Facebook existed back then. He probably would have found out what a stupid bitch she was before she ate that apple.

Anyway, there are a few key mistakes that novice creepers make while they are doing their rounds.
Firstly, there is the "Like" button.

This nifty little button is basically a built-in self-defense system against creepers. If you are looking at an old and obscure picture of your victim and you accidently click the "Like" button…

There's really no solution to that mistake. If you try to "Unlike" the picture, then your victim will know that you were creeping on them and you're just trying to cover it up. If you leave it the way it is, then you victim will just think you are really f***ing weird. There is no point in trying to justify your actions – you are officially dubbed a creep. Wow, you really screwed that one up…

Another HUGE mistake is to leave a comment you don't really intend on making on your victim's old and obscure picture. If you write how you REALLY FEEL about a person on the comment line out of boredom or some other emotion and then accidentally click "Comment" out of habit. Guess what? Your f***ed. Your days of creeping on your favorite victim are OVER!

The consequences could be FIERCE. Your victim may de-friend you for being so damn weird and creepy.
Then the only solution to that problem is to borrow another friends account to creep with – AND NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE WITH THAT BURDEN.

In conclusion, being a true and powerful creeper is not letting the world know your not a creeper. It's like being a ninja except ninjas probably get laid more than you because they aren't on Facebook all day looking at random and obscure pictures of other people.

Good creeping everybody!