Due to complaints and misunderstandings, MasterCard will no longer be using "priceless" as a campaign slogan.  It has come to our attention that the word "priceless" was taken literally. This is official notification that nothing bought with a MasterCard is priceless. To clarify: you must pay for everything you purchase.

This card does not grant wishes, dreams, or grants. It is temporary lending of money, nothing more. MasterCard accepts no responsibility for the unreasonable amounts of spending done by a confused and/or an extremely over confident American public.

It seems it was unbeknownst to many that "priceless" was merely a slogan. It is the responsibility of the card holder to pay their monthly bill.  If the balance on the MasterCard is not repaid, the unpaid remainder is subject to a moderate interest rate.  To clarify: nothing charged on this card is priceless.  

We at MasterCard meant to insinuate that the best things in life are free. This was achieved by coupling the word "priceless" with a sentimental moment between loved ones. However, using this logic, the best things in life do not include: houses, cars, leather pants, meals at Red Lobster, Jesse McCartney tickets, breast implants, tuition, giant turtles, trips to Vegas, Hawaiian donuts, or anything else that is sold. Please stop sending letters about a "priceless" horizontal striped pant suit. Yes, it is rare that a suit has horizontal stripes, but this does not make it priceless.

We apologize for any confusion. MasterCard would also like to inform all customers that their limit has been raised by $10 000. Congratulations. You deserve more.

You Deserve More is the new slogan of MasterCard until further notice.

Kevin Christophson
President of MasterCard