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My ex-girlfriend played soccer in HS and a little in college. She would complain because her boobs were too big that they'd get in the way when she'd run. She would also complain how her boobs were too small.

There was this girl who i had a huge crush on and one day she was telling me how she was having an awful day over text. So I told her that "I am coming over to cheer you up!" Little did i know that with predictive text the first option for the letter combination of cheer is Aides. So on top of her having a bad day i intended to give her AIDES

My boyfriend took me on a date to see The Wicker Man.

My mom, my newly acquired stepdad and I had just left Blockbuster. In an act of chivalry, my stepdad opens the door for my mom. When we're all in the car he says, "I just opened the door for you so I could see up your dress." With me sitting in the backseat. Also, he drinks O'douls.

I had been dating my first girlfriend ever, freshman year. We had been going out for about 5 months. She was giving me head when I decided to do something I saw in a porno. I slapped her in the face with my cock. She broke up with me the next day.
-Brian S.

I'm dating a girl far smarter than me, but she has no knowledge of science. Examples: We were in a greenhouse at an arboretum when she suddenly got a worried look on her face and said; "Shouldn't we be worried about "the greenhouse gases?" Let's get out of here before we die." And when we were at the Aerospace museum in D.C. looking at early airplanes, she asked me if the "big fan" on the front was to keep the driver cool.
-Chris, Kentucky

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I've never really liked the way it tastes while giving head so I usually eat some sort of candy before doing so. One time while i was with my boyfriend I popped a few lime tic tacs in my mouth before doing the deed. I hadn't quite finished eating one of them but i really didn't think it would matter all that much. A few moments later i pulled back shocked to realize i couldn't find my candy. My boyfriend saw the confused look on my face and just as he was about to ask what was up, it hit him. He grabbed his shaft in pain and the tic tac shot out the end. I can't help but laugh when I think about it.
-Tanya, Temple U