When I was very young I wore whitey tighties. I belive this was quite normal for most kids. It kept my young junk from getting away from me. I remember being quite comfortable in my whitey tighties, and even would come into the living with only my whitey tighties on later in the night. This however I remember, made the babysitter very uncomfortable. I also found them so comfortable, that I would not want to take them off. I loved to stay in my whitey tighties for days on end; and at the time, I thought that was very normal. The problem with doing this was I would eventually get 'tire marks' on my whitey tighties. This made me sad because it made my whitey tighties no longer whitey, but being the perceptive child I was, I knew what to do. Every once in awhile I noticed my mother's whitey tighties (which i called mommy tighties)in the sink, and she too had 'tire marks' on them. Only hers seems much worse then my marks, and also had a collection of other colors. They seem to be soaking in what probably used to be warm water. "Ah", I thought, "that's how I can get my 'tire marks' out of my whitey tighties." So I proceeded to put my whitey tighties under the sink and soak them in water. Later I went back to check on my whitey tighties but they were gone. I looked everywhere for my whitey tighties and I could not fine them. Finally I asked my mother what happened to my whitey tighties. "Did you steal my whitey tighties mommy? You have mommy tighties. Why would you take my whitey tighties?". I was so confused when she started laughing. Then she asked me if I put my whitey tighties in the sink. "Yes," I answered, and she once again started laughing.This made me even more confused. "Why?," she asked. "Because that's what you do with your mommy tighties,"I answered. And again she started laughing at me. It took me many years to finally understand what was going in this situation. Many many years. Poor poor disgusting me.