One day a young boy was skipping down the street… when he came across a shiny quarter on the ground.

The young boy said "oh my, a shiny quarter (looks to the left…looks to the right) and as he attempts to pick the quater up. Near by a bear is sitting in front of a store and says

"Pssssst Pssssst…you really gonna' pick up that quarter right in front of me like that? …just like that? no hesitation huh…just come pick MYYYY s**t up like that? you're lucky little one…YOU ARE LUCKY. The young boy replies, "ni**a how am i so lucky, it's just a quarter" The sluggish bear replied, "you're lucky i'm stuffed with cotton and that if I moved it would defy all laws of science, cause I'd BASH your face in if i COULD!!! thats why you're so LUCKY little ni**a." The boy says, "then how are you even talking to me fat a** huh, explain that one." The bear takes a moment to collect his thoughts, then says "Not only your face but I'd rip your arms off and and and do umm…do…just know I'd KILL you little ni**a!" The young boy says SHUUUUUUUUUT UP, do you know who I am stuffed imaginary bear in the street…huh…I asked you a question…do you KNOW WHO I AM?????!!!!!(screaming with all his might) The bear replies, "Yeah, the ni**a that just stole my quarter and would be getting the crap kicked out of him if I had an organ system, some bones and life breathed into me, THAT's WHO!" the young boy said "Nahhhhh, I'm the kid that walks from town to town picking fights with stuffed animals and weird objects by stealing loose change in front of them THAT's Who dumba** " The young boy walks away and stops for a second, looks back and says, "by the way, i'm going to throw this quarter over the bridge just so you can't use it" ………..Till' this day the young boy retells his tale of how he faced off with a stuffed bear, but his family friends and coworkers still don't believe him…………………..