It's one of college's greatest traditions. That what-the-hell, need-water-more-than-air, brain-on-fire, who's-arm-is-that phenomenom lovingly referred to as the hangover. But sadly, the hangover often isn't the worst part of the morning after. The worst part is looking hazily through your bloodshot eyes and seeing your best friend passed out upside-down, a giant hole in your wall and a yard with more empty beer cans than a townie's backseat. In other words, the aftermath.

We want to put together a Picture Gallery of the 25 best hangover aftermath pictures. Trashed apartments, awkward passouts, epic shamings, send us your worst. We want this gallery to make you feel hungover just looking at it.  And if your picture is included in the gallery, you'll win not only public shame, but two free tickets to The Hangover, in theatres June 5.