This is not your father's Star Trek. This is not your cousins Star Trek. This is not Anthony Hopkins's Star Trek. Who is Anthony Hopkins? Ask your father, he'll know. However, he does not know Star Trek. Just like he doesn't know about technology or what's fun or Star Trek."Hey Pops! Who directed the new Star Trek?" "New Star Trek, I'm lost" is not a J.J Abrams pun, your Dad is legitimately lost on his way to a garage sale or a colonoscopy or a Star Trek convention.

Have you seen the actor in this movie? Would your father see a movie with someone this good looking? No, he sees movies with ugly people.  Ugly like Anthony Hopkins or actors in previous Star Treks. This is an action packed testosterone driven movie, this is not High School Musical or Twighlight or your father's Star Trek.  You have the choice to make your own destiny. Which path will you choose? You can live in a shadow, but you are meant for something better. Something younger and good looking and J.J. Abramsish. Are you afraid? Go cry to your mother. If not, then go get money from your father and go see Star Trek. Don't tell him what the money is for, he won't understand.