So you stroll to the entrance of the club with your dashing man-blouse at your chest. The bouncer gives you a funny look when you try to enter the club armed with a rapier at your side. However, you give him a courteous bow and slightly lower your hat to him. He nods in acknowledgement and lets you in.

Immediately, a fair maiden with exquisite child-bearing hips catches your attention. Your eyes meet for the first time and suddenly your heart is encompassed with fireflies. You gently approach her with a slight blaze in your eyes as she appears to be glowing a fluorescent white. In the background, "Back that Ass Up" by Juvenile is playing – it is your favorite song to dance to.

You kindly ask:
"May I have this dance?"

She bows and responds:"I'd thought you'd never ask…"
You remove your white silk glove and charmingly take her hand. In seconds the two of you are gliding like a pair of newly-wed swans. The pond of your dance floor ripples at the beat of your footsteps.