Happy Eva-Longoria-On-A-Huge-Yacht Day, everyone!  Yes, of course that's a holiday.  Where did you grow up, not in the south of France?  Ew, poor! (Celebslam)

This week was officially Lily Allen's Boobs week, featuring not only a topless bikini picture but the rare sideboob flash as well.  Lily Allen, making this world a better place one handful at a time.  (Egotastic)

The Bruno/Eminem stunt at the MTV Movie Awards this week created quite a stir, sparking a heated debate over whether or not it was staged.  Well it was staged, people.  Also, there's no Tooth Fairy and you're an idiot.  You'll thank me some day. (WWTDD)

News also broke this week that Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued by one of the unsuspecting victims in Bruno, confirming yet again that we will all be seeing this movie.  (WWTDD)

This week, Melissa Joan Hart was overhead saying that she hoped Farrah Fawcett, who is suffering from cancer, didn't die this week and bump her off the cover of People magazine.  And the Sensitivity Award goes to! (Celebslam)

The MTV Movie Awards were this weekend, bringing with them a fresh round of Who-Looks-Better-On-The-Red-Carpet.  Was it Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, Vanessa Hudgens or Megan Fox?  (Popoholic, WWTDD, Hollywood Tuna)

Lindsay Lohan might have found a job!  She is currently in Paris discussing a position as 'creative consultant' with a fashion line that just doesn't feel like making money anymore. (Celebslam)

This week, Linda Hogan told OK! that if daughter Brooke didn't stop talking shit, Linda's boyfriend Charley would be forced to put out an album that would sell better than hers.  Making her officially the worst comeback artist in the history of the world. (WWTDD)

While most people seem to be over this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna business, Eve sure isn't.  This week she took her anger and ranted the way any grown woman should – by dividing it evenly between five tweets. (WWTDD)

Cleave of the week!  Heather Graham may not be the smartest apple in the toolbox, but she is 38 and looks like this, so she wins. (Popoholic)

This week, Pete Wentz's NYC bar Angels & Kings (which sucks by the way) was closed for the third time this year for serving alcohol to minors.  In Pete's defense, he did only turn his back on Bronx Mowgli for a second. (Celebslam)

Unsurprising news of the week – the guys from Entourage are assholes!  This week a Russian model who guested on the show said she was fired when she wouldn't, er, 'do more' with the cast.  Aw, that's so cute how they think they're real-life famous!  (Celebslam)

And here is the weekly requisite sexy Megan Fox photoshoot, this week from GQ.  Which begs the question: with these pictures on the internet, who is still buying GQ? (Egotastic)

Last but not least, this week's Still Got It.  I'm tempted to make Bruno this week's honoree, but he actually still does kind of have it, strangely enough.  So instead I'll do Katie Holmes, who from behind in these pictures looks exactly like a dude.  (IDLYITW, Celebslam)