So you are doing pretty well for yourself huh? You managed to successfully get a girls number, call her, and set up a date. I am very impressed… So what are you going to do for a first date? What! You don't have any original ideas of your own and your date is in less than an hour? You're fucked. Here is a few quick ideas I just vomited out of my butt.

1. Competition.

Take her someplace where the two of you can compete such as mini-golf. What better way to win over a girls heart than by showing her you're better than her? If it just so happens she is better than you at whatever activity you do choose, which is highly unlikely since you are the man and she is the woman, then show her how passionate you are about this activity by throwing a temper-tantrum. For instance, if you are playing mini-golf and she scores a hole-in-one throw your putter to the floor, scream "FUCK YOU!" at her, and storm away. She'll be driven towards your passion for the sport.

2. Meeting your Parents.

It's your first date so what better way to take the pressure off yourself than to introduce her to your parents right away? They'll be too busy asking her questions to even pay attention to you. That way you can keep a certain bit of mystery to yourself by not having to talk to her all night. This also kills two birds with one stone by visiting your parents and having a date.

3. Surprise Her.

Pick her up and immediately blind fold her. Tell her you are taking her to a secret location where no one will ever be able to find her. This will be extremely thrilling for her because she will have absolutely no idea where you are going and she barely knows you! For all she's concerned you are actually a serial killer who is about to murder her to death but you know thats not the truth.

Three great ideas for the perfect date. You are now well on your way to a very successful relationship all thanks to me and my professional advice. Oh yeah… make sure the surprise leads to somewhere, like a McDonald's or Taco Bell.

Tomorrow: Making Her Laugh.