Lucius Fox: Let's start with you, Marks. What's the outlook for Wayne Biotech?
Marks: Mr. Fox, we're bleeding money.
Dixon: Same with Wayne Import/Export. Shipping is way down, what with the huge cuts in consumer spending.
Lee: And Wayne Steel, Mr. Fox. No one's building anything; we can't afford to be producing at pre-recessionary levels anymore!
Marks: I think we're looking at the possibility of a government sponsored restructuring.
Fox: Do you mean bankruptcy, Mr. Marks?
Marks: I don't see many other options here.
Fox: Bruce, what do you think.
Bruce Wayne: Let's buy a marina.
(Groans from the staff)

Dixon: Mr. Wayne, I don't think you understand!
Lee: I have laid off a quarter of my employees in the last two months, and the rest have accepted huge pay cuts!
Wayne: Mr. Fox, I'll let you handle this. It seems our employees need to be reminded that some things are more important than money.

(Wayne exits)

Dixon: Haven't there been a bunch of murders at marinas recently?
Marks: There's a solid investment!
Lee: Lucius, you have to do something.
Marks: Last week I noticed the city had billed us for a huge sum – I called the mayor, and it turns out Wayne bought the Gotham sewer system.
Fox: I'm sure Mr. Wayne has his reasons.

(Wayne's head appears in the doorway)

Wayne: Hey Lucius, can I borrow your MasterCard? There's a genetics laboratory I've got my eye on.
Fox: Of course.
Wayne: Thanks.

(Wayne exits)

Lee: How can we turn a profit if Wayne Enterprises has basically replaced the entire metropolitan government?
Marks: Six months ago, Mr. Wayne ordered us to develop a cure for a disease. He didn't know what it was called, just that it
"turns people in crocodiles." There goes the funding for our smallpox vaccine!

(Bruce pops back in)

Wayne: Anybody want to go halfsies on a mind control machine?
Dixon: There is simply no room in the budget, Mr. Wayne.
Wayne: Amphibious motorcycle? Laser-deterring satellite?

(The staff shake their heads.)

Wayne: What the hell kind of technology-shipping-steel-aerospace-electronics-farming-healthcare-chemicals-manufacturing-retail company are we running here? Lucius, I want this sorted.

(He exits, then returns momentarily)

Wayne: Oh, and Marks I'm going to need that crocodile-man antidote thing tonight. Ok, meeting adjourned. See you guys later.