Do we really need technology? Sure, in theory, technology makes our lives better. But in reality, it just makes life more complicated and unpleasant than necessary.  

1. HD Cameras

Without HD cameras, you would probably remember your grandmothers as a sweeet, beloved woman who did her best to teach you about sharing, respecting others, and always following your dreams. With HD Cameras, you'll probably remember her as that wrinkled old boner-crusher in your Bar Mitzvah video who looked like her face was falling off.

2. Facebook gifts

It's literally cheaper to bake, frost, and bring your friend a cupcake than to buy them a Facebook gift cupcake. But which will last forever? The cupcake will be eaten in a day, whereas the Facebook gift will last until the end of the world (or until Facebook becomes obsolete in a year).

3. Project Natal/Wii Remote

There once was a time when the overweight and clumsy could take solace in their athletic shortcomings through video games. But with the rise in popularity of Wii Sports and the recent announcement of Xbox's Project Natal, a nerd can now look forward to going home after a long day of lopping around and sweating in gym class…to lopping around and sweating while playing Xbox.

4. Segway

Back in the day, you could skateboard on one side of the mall for five, maybe ten minutes before the mall cop showed up to kick you out of Sharper Image. But thanks to Segways, mall cops now travel at the speed of light (well, compared to the normal speed of cops.) It's also highly possible that in an alternate universe without Segways, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is an intelligent, insiteful, biting social commentary on consumerism.

5. Amazon Kindle

The idea of a device that has thousands of books stored in it sounds like a good idea; but save for the convenience of driving to the bookstore, the Kindle is only destined to cause damage in the long run. First of all, try organizing a massive book burning in the Kindle age. Seeing two hundred conservative mothers simultaneously deleting Harry Potter from their Kindle is not very likely to stir anyone's feathers. Second, what if your plane crashed on a desert island, and you need to start a fire? One person is bound to have a lighter, but without books to burn for warmth, you and your crew are left with one option: reading the Kindle e-book How to Start a Fire. Third, without books, how will you balance lop sidded tables and chairs?