1. It's always very impressive when someone makes something very uncool, very cool. Like people who do Rubik's Cubes really fast. Well, thanks to this video, pogo sticks become awesome
  2. Think about hail for a second. It's solid pieces of jagged ice falling from the sky. Now imagine it's the size of a pool ball. Scary right? Take a look.
  3. There's a very good chance I'm only linking this because I had a huge crush on Posh Spice. In fact, that is why. But she is hot. And you can see her nipples.
  4. Internet Classic: This next descriptive sentence says it all. A foreign woman yells about her dog, who bites her on the vagina. Watch
  5. This video of a kite boarder out of control is my new excuse for not playing sports. Not only could I not do this, but it's dangerous

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