What their site says:

"Stacey is eager to shatter dating stereotypes. She believes society has placed a double standard on women who date younger men and wants to prove that age is simply a number."

What the show really is:

This is a show about about a 40-something woman trying to find the man of her dreams it a tried-and-true manner:  by going on television and embarassing herself, repeatedly.

Along for the ride are her 4 children, and of course the 20 random bros all hoping to become the future "Mr. Cougar".   And by that i mean 20 random bros hoping to get laid on national TV and immediately take off with their promised cash.

Apparently we're supposed to believe these hapless frat boys are tired of sexual freedom and soft skin, and are honestly here because they're ready to settle down and raise her 4 kids. 

And, they want this so badly that they are willing to compete in weekly ego-vaporizing challenges to do so:

So, not only is this woman broadcasting her poor judgement (and clear lack of understanding of the word "soul-mate") but she also seems to repeatedly forget that she is ON TELEVISION, as she constantly sluts it up with every dude in site.   


Why you'll watch it:

To see an aging sexual predator ruin the lives of her 4 children, and "shatter dating stereotypes" by letting 20 different men into her pants in the same week.

It's like watching a promiscuous shar-pei on a scavenger hunt for venereal diseases.

What this show should have been:

An actual cougar.  Anything with an actual, live cougar. I can't think of a premise that wouldn't work.   A sitcom about a single dad cougar.   A talk show hosted by a cougar.   A legal drama about a lawyer who's a FUCKING COUGAR.  it's all television gold.

The existing premise would even work -  20 guys all vying for the attention of a freakin jungle cat.  Who wouldn't want to watch that?  Grown men compete to marry a live cougar?  I would be glued to my set. 

Especially if the live cougar was as much of a nympho as that crazy bitch on the real show.

FOX, I'm looking at you.