Bruce Wayne: Terry, get up. The bat-signal's on.
Terry: Ten more minutes.
Wayne: If you don't get up RIGHT NOW I'm going to –
Terry: What? Watch me shower again? Maybe I should call my guidance counselor. Let's see what she has to say.
Wayne: Terry, in some cultures it's perfectly normal for an older man to take an interest in –
Terry: I'm picking up the phone! I'm dialing the number!


Terry: Is this right?
Bruce Wayne: No, the acetylene torch faces away from you.
Terry: Like this?
Wayne: No, now it's upside down.
Terry: Wha abou nah
Wayne: Now it's in your mouth.
Terry: What's it like to have sex with a girl?
Wayne: Oh, well, er… Terry… Maybe later we can look at some pamphlets and talk about-
Terry: Do you even know?


Bruce Wayne: What are you doing? Put some clothes on.
Terry: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?
Wayne: Are you drunk?
Terry: What's the matter, Batman? You don't think I'm pretty?
Wayne: I am not messing around, young man.
Terry: Touch it. Go ahead. I want you to. Touch it. TOUCH IT.