1) Bring a ton of snapple caps and hope you're very lucky.

2) Piss on the test and hand it in. The teacher will be so disgusted, he'll have to give you a 100! Or send you to a therapist…

3) Tattoo the answers to the palm of your hand. Make sure this test is important, though. It'll only work once.

4) Bribe your teacher with sexual favors…unless they're the same gender/old. Then you're screwed. Actually, both ways you're screwed.

5) Gouge out your teachers eyeballs, explode her ear drums, and murder all other potential proctors. You may go to jail, but you'll ace that test.

6) Build a high-tech, invisible robot that knows all the answers and has blu-ray capabilities. But if you can do that, you probably don't even need to cheat on the test.

7) Tape a paper with the answers to the back of the person sitting in front of you. When he leaves, the teacher will think he cheated!

8) Don't hand in the test. You'll get a zero, but it'll confuse the hell out of that smug, bastard teacher.

9) Sneak out in the middle of the night and hope it doesn't find out.

10) Swallow a paper with the answers and ask to go to the bathroom. Then rummage through the feces.

DISCLAIMER: Will not work for a pregnancy test…except maybe the pissing one.