We are all familiar with Mario Sonic, Link, and other videogame adventurers but how often do you hear about their friends and family members that never quite prospered  into videogame legends. So I went digging through the old record books and game guides and uncovered these lesser known heroes.

Chronic the Hedgehog:When they were kids both Sonic and Chronic possessed amazing speed but while his big brother Sonic wasout battling the evil forces of Dr. Eggman and saving countless woodland critters, Chronic was experimenting with pot behind the local 7/11 and can now be found living in his parent's basement playing the very games his brother starred in.
Bartholomew: Bartholomew never really connected with his cousin Kirby who got the majority of the attention from the family for his miraculous rescue of Dreamland and its inhabitants. As time went by Bartholomew began to grow more somber and pale, with nothing but his 'Linkin Park' CD, broken heart tattoo, and razor blade to cheer himself up, his current location is unknown.

Kink: While Link was out saving the kingdom of Hyrule (many many times) his parents had given birth to another child that they called Kink. Growing up kink was babied and cherished because his parents did not want him running off to fight monsters like his older brother. Much to his parents dismay, Kink never much liked the hard work of village life but instead liked designing clothes. He is presently a "bachelor" living in San Francisco where he enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Beliem-AC MAN: Beliem-AC MAN used to run through the mazes with PAC-MAN but would always go to to the bathroom afterword. PAC-MAN eventually grew suspicious and followed his brother to the bathroom and caught him in the act of purging. Beliem-AC MAN is currently undergoing constant therepy in Namco rehab center.
Mediocre Man: Timmy Nathans was the childhood friend of Mega Man but was sick of falling behind his much more  powerful buddy, so using pieces of junk he found in the garbage (mainly Mega Man's garbage) he constructed his own power suit in an attemp to keep up. He is most commonly seen wandering through the dump looking for more parts to attach to his considerably bad armor.
Nemo: Unlike his famous nephews Mario and Luigi, Nemo is not a plumber but rather an exterminator living in New Jersey. Not much is known of  this slightly unsavory role model except that he is Mario and Luigi's only known relative.