Robbie Stevenson: Okay, this whole thing kinda freaks me out. You see, I have this new friend-
Allen Strange: Hello, Robbie!
Robbie: Oh, Allen! You scared me!
Allen: That was not my intention. (Picks up umbrella) What is this for?
Robbie: Poor Allen, everything is new to him.

Seems like just an ordinary plug for Nickelodeon's "The Journey of Allen Strange", huh? Wrong. What made Allen so strange? He looks completely normal. He acts like a normal kid most of the time. It looks like the only strange thing here is the racist family that is the Stevensons.
"The Journey of Allen Strange" was on Nickelodeon's SNICK from 1997-1999. That is where the racism started. This promo, which can be found on YouTube, exhibits many negative black stereotypes. For example, Robbie saying "Oh Allen! You scared me!" translates to a common fear white people have of black people. Allen goes on to ask what an umbrella is and Robbie sympathizes with him expressing how little he knows. This refers to white people believing they are far more superior to blacks as far as intelligence goes.
Since this show has not been seen or heard from in over 10 years, this reporter went to a reliable source for more details: Wikipedia. Wouldn't you know it? There is a paragraph on The Pedia strictly dealing with Allen's African American heritage. It reads:

"Allen states he has "chosen" to be African-American when confronted with the task of blending in with society. His naivety on the subject (bringing in plain black poster boards for his Black History Month presentation) sparked a Black History Month episode, featuring Allen learning information about slavery and The Civil Rights Movement."

While the thought of Allen bringing in a plain black poster board to mimic blacks in history is certainly hilarious, this paragraph itself seems to be a little…dare I say it…strange. The creators of the show, here, have claimed to make a Black History Month episode completely dealing with slavery and The Civil Rights Movement. You'll notice that there I have not included a citation on this quote, because there was none. Also, when looking through the episode guide on, no evidence of this episode ever being created or aired was found.
Allen Strange was never an alien. Allen Strange was just a ploy in the completely racist plot in Nickelodeon's plan to rid African American children of their programming. It was getting too hard for them. First, they did not want to make Skeeter Valentine black, so they just made him blue. The black kid would never win on GUTS! when clearly, he would have if it were not rigged. Then came the big one. After All That! got popular, fans fell in love with Kenan and Kel. This was not making Nickelodeon happy. Kenan and Kel proceeded to get their own show and star in their own movie. Something had to be done. Boom! The ideas came pouring in. "Let's take a black kid and single him out in a society of white people. That should teach kids that blacks are no good!"
What can I say? I guess it worked. Only one of the shows currently airing on Nickelodeon is based on an African American: True Jackson, VP. Never heard of it? Yeah. Nickelodeon wants to keep it that way…or should I say Nigga-lodeon. Those racist orange slime pouring sons of bitches.