The Gate

The entrance to the Memorial Sculpture Garden is a gate flanked by two figures.  To your left, the artist's likeness is rendered in black onyx.  The face is drawn, the body unclothed; the figure holds a paper between its hands… An unexpectedly large bill for the installation of an in-ground hot tub, perhaps? We're left to speculate.  The figure to your right is white Italian marble – the head is thrown back in joy to commemorate the acceptance of the commission, and the $10,000 accompanying it.  Together, these images represent the balance of life and the humanness of pain and hope.  Notice the detail in the muscularity of the thighs.

The Path

As you make your way through the gate, you find yourself on an uneven dirt path that winds through the garden, much like the difficult road traveled by our brave veterans and sculptors.  Sorrowfully contemplate the absurdity of a nation that rewards military service with inadequate healthcare and artistic service with nothing at all.

The Fallen

Look to your left as you continue along the path.  Bodies horribly contorted, gripping their severed limbs, tears running down what's left of their mangled faces.  Look to your right.  It's a lone shirtless survivor in the likeness of the artists, pecs protruding, eyes hidden behind his aviator shades.  He raises his AK-47 as he vows to avenge the deaths of his comrades.

The Homecoming

Are those innocent children frolicking on that hill? No, these child-size granite blocks represent the inexpressible joy of a veteran's return home, as well as the perils of procrastination.

The Memories Box

Do you know a veteran? Sign the Patriotism Book, and honor our brave men and women in uniform with a donation to the artist.  Envelopes and pens are provided for your convenience.  No checks please.