Stick it to Iran: Waste more time on the Internet.

I can count cards. 52 everytime.
-Shawn Pearlman
A man walked into a BAR exam. He didnt study. Ouch.
-The NTC
Adolf Hitler
The original sour Kraut.
-Patrick Cassels
I'm certain Survivor is just a reality show about America. The last person still actually watching is the winner.
-Amir Blumenfeld
To cheat on a test, I just bring a bunch of snapple caps and hope I'm really lucky.
-The NTC
Obvious Fact:
Did you know that you can spell "parakeet" with only the right and left side of your keyboard?
-Alex Ringgaard
Are Dippin' Dots the ice cream of now yet?
-Chase Mitchell
It must have been a pain in the ass to play risk with Hitler. Because he was a mass murderer.
-Zach DUDE
Craigslist is like New York City. It was once viewed as a great place to buy and sell items and now it's viewed as a forum for trafficking prostitution and drugs.
-Zack Mostel
I'd like to see the official stats on how many little kids are actually writing the letter "R" backwards.
-Dan Gurewitch