"K" The eleventh letter of our alphabet. So simple, yet so complex at the same time. K can be used to shorten the already small word "ok," and it is also used by the incredibly famous Lil Jon. K can be used in baseball scoring as the symbol for a strikeout, and it also stands for Potassium in the periodic table of elements. K is sometimes seen as hateful when used with the "KKK," and other times it is used to signify a thousand dollars. There are many uses for the letter K, but today I am going to explain why this simple letter can drive us all crazy, the text message "K"…

We've all done it once or twice. We get that text that we're never sure what to respond with. So what do we do? We type "K" and press send. Let's think about this for a moment. Did we send that message to let the other person know we got their text? These days those sent and received check boxes couldn't ever be telling us the truth right? Did we send it for our own gratification? "I am going to send this so he has to restart the conversation, because I am stumped don't know what to say." Or is it because we want to restart a conversation that has come to a stop for a few minutes and don't feel like typing "…" because that is awkward… 

The real reason that the text message "K" is so captivating, is the way it is used by girlfriends to get under your skin… You may be asking yourselves, "what on Earth is he talking about?" Think back for a moment to the last time your girlfriend (or boyfriend for you girls out there) was mad at you and you were trying to speak with them via text. What did they respond with after you wrote that long, well thought out, emotional and thought provoking text?


So subtle, yet so attacking and stand-offish at the same time. It gets under your skin and nags at you while you are lost and confused as to what to respond with. "K" simply states that they read what you had to say, and they don't give a flying K-fed about it. What are you supposed to do now? Do you respond with an angry comment to which they can play the "well you started it" card, or do you act like nothing happened and let them believe they won the argument by not listening to your yet again, long, well thought out, emotional and thought provoking text?

Here's how you respond:


You just turned the tables on the all important "what do you say now?" game in this argument. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will find themselves lost and confused as to how their very own game has come around to bite them. They will then stumble with their next response and allow you to find an "out" to the argument.

Remember, the "text message argument" is most certainly here to stay. I suggest you might try to lay some ground rules in the beginning of your relationship concerning a word minimum on texting. Hey, you may laugh, but I have come to the conclusion that if she has to use at minimum two full words in all text messages, if she responds with,"F*** off," at least I'll know where I stand. 


Theo Hall