And Now, The Latest In Beer-Specific News

Our first story comes from the Netherlands:
CNN: Dog Beer: Clean the dog bowl, and pick a drinking game that doesn't require opposable thumbs because you and Sparky are getting wasted together tonight. Don't get too excited though, its just a little less sad than drinking by yourself.

Oh, crazy Maine:

CNN: Butt Beer: Santa's ass is a little too appealing to children, according to Maine officials, as they wouldn't let a brewery print a label with his gigantic rump on it. Their next target: The St. Pauli girl.

This is from..wait for it….BRILLIANT, Ohio:
Yahoo News: Broken bottles and spilled beers line the streets aside alcoholic's tears. Short story of a beer truck missing many warnings of a low overpass and crashing right into it. Did I mention where this took place?

Back in Iraq: article: Donate: to get men with guns drunk, instead of a ribbon you get included in the blanket cheers to all donators…which is fine with me, yellow was never my color. the site is in case that link stops working.

YouTube: Beer Delivery: While this has nothing to do with the female anatomy, I can imagine that this guys balls are getting crushed on that bike seat. At least they are dying for a good cause.

Hopefully this is the first of many updates,   if you have any interesting stories from your hometown you can reach me at