Age: 3 Weeks

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Major: Growing big and fat so I can become delicious.  F*ck you, vegetarians!

Favourite Drink: unclean water

How would you advise a guy to go about trying to get with you: Well, you can get your hands on both of my breasts AND my greasy thighs for less than 5 bucks!!! OMG! LMAO!  But seriously…I'm really easy.

What would you advise him not to do/say: "can i have a side of potato salad with that?"  Loser.

Do you have a boyfriend: No, there's only chicks at this place.  Which is good for me because I'm a huge dyke!  LOL!

Can you describe to me the ideal kissing technique: I like a little bit of regurgitation!  Just lock that beak around mine and let the good times roll.

What's your most embarassing college moment: Some other chick totally shit all over me yesterday!

Check out some more pics of me below!!!