We’re finally experiencing some winter weather in some parts of the country, which for the lucky few of us means the possibility of a snow day.As we all know from experience, snow days result in sitting on the couch, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows and watching the Price Is Right.Except we’re in college now, and we warm ourselves with alcohol instead of hot cocoa, mostly because it’s more fun that way.In order to be prepared for such a joyous occasion, I give to you:


The Price Is Right Drinking Game

1 Drink:

  • Anytime someone gets to “COME ON DOWN!!!”
  • Whenever a contestant is wearing a Bob Barker shirt of any kind.
  • When anyone wearing a military uniform is called down.
  • Whenever a contestant called down is wearing a college sweatshirt.Add a whole beer if it’s your college.
  • Anytime a woman that’s not wearing a bra is called down.Fuckin’ whore.
  • Whenever a contestant must consult the audience.
  • Every time a featured product is priced less than ten dollars.


3 Drinks:

  • Anytime someone could win………..”A BRAND NEW CAR!!!”
  • Whenever someone can win a free vacation.
  • Whenever someone passes on a final showcase.
  • Every time you forget what the contestants are bidding on because you were too busy staring at the model’s boobs.
  • Whenever Bob receives a kiss.Add 5 more drinks if the kisser is a man in order to drown the image from your brain.


5 Drinks:

  • Anytime someone outbids someone else by one dollar.Add another 3 drinks if the old bidder looks like he/she is going to stab the new bidder in the face.
  • Whenever the biggest pussy ever can’t get the big wheel all the way around, causing Bob to explain for the 9,000,000 time that the wheel “must go all the way around for the spin to count.”
  • Whenever Plinko is played.Simply out of celebration of the best game on the Price Is Right.


Whole Beer:

  • Anytime you get a friendly reminder to get your pets spayed or neutered.Poor little guy.