Anyone who lives on the first floor of an apartment is probably aware of the problems faced when the people above you decide to shower at exactly the same time as you….
here is how my last, horrible shower went….

i started out with a good temp, was able to rinse and repeat and even shaved a half a leg…then the upstairs shower started….
after receiving second degree burns on my back i pressed myself again the wall of the shower avoiding the boiling water that would surely cook me like pasta.
I was able to endure the pain of another burn as i flicked the shower knob to cold and half a second later was getting hit by bits of hail that were now coming out of the shower. I continued this back and fourth leaping motion into and out of the freezing water and the boiling water trying to rinse conditioner out my hair.
i finally gave up, stumbled out of the shower and used water from the sink…
i am now pissed, injured and soapy. boo.