Hey guys.  Just wanted to let everyone know that our Great Aunt, Gertrude, died the other day.  I mean, we didn't really know her all that well but still it's sad when a family member dies, ya know?  But check this out, in her will she left us $10,000!  The one condition was that we have to give the money to America's Hottest College Girl so we were like, "Well, might as well have a contest!" 

Are you a hot girl?  If so, take your chance at winning our Dead Great Aunt's money by submitting your picture HERE.

Do you know a hot girl who likes money?  Rare, I know, but if you happen to be acquainted with one you can send her the link below.


The grand prize winner will receive…

  • A 14 day trip to Cleveland, OH for her and a friend
  • Just kidding
  • She'll really get $10,000
  • A trip to New York City for her and a friend
  • A party thrown in her honor by the illustrious and extremely attractive CollegeHumor Staff
  • And a BustedTees modeling contract
So, Hot Girls, what are you waiting for?  ENTER NOW!