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My first boyfriend dumped me by passing me a note that said, "I got the high score on Oregon Trail today. I'm moving in a week. It's over."
-Emily, MO

When I started dating my girlfriend who I have now been with for over a year, she told me that she really didn't care if we went out that much. I do take her out every once in a while though and I always ask her what she wants to do to which she always replies, "Oh I don't care". The other day, she got angry at me because apparently I never take her out and when I do, it's always what I want to do.

I was dating this girl for 8 months and out of nowhere called me crying. She said that she could see herself marrying me and things were going too well and decided she had to break up with me. Then she hooked up with my fraternity brother.

At this time my boyfriend and I had been dating for more than a year. One night after we had gone out and been drinking (he drank more than me) we went home and went to bed. I woke up before he did, and noticed that he had been so drunk that he pissed himself and the bed, I just moved away from him and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew he was trying to roll me into his pee spot well I slept, so he could blame it on me. I woke up and told him that I already knew he pissed the bed so it wouldn't work, and he just laughed and acted like he didn't understand.

Second semester of my senior year in high school I asked a girl out who was a junior but had never been on a date before. I didn't have much more experience than she did, but I had enough to know that our fist time out should be pretty low-key. So the day before I called up the local Melting Pot to make a reservation for dessert, something kinda fun I knew she'd like. The woman asked, "Is this for a special occasion?" I laughed and said without thinking, "Oh no, just a first date." That night we were both nervous, but as time went on we were finally starting to calm down and she was having a lot of fun. When the waitress brought out the tray of things to dip, though, the piece of cake in the middle had a lit candle on it. We both looked at it, puzzled, as the woman proudly announced through a big smile with a sing-song voice, "I heard it was somebody's first daaaa-aaaate!" My date's face went from pale to pink in about two seconds and she literally started sliding down under the booth. It was tough to convince her that I hadn't done it on purpose.
-Adam, Johns Hopkins

One time my boyfriend and I did the deed while he was talking to his pastor on the phone about the praise and worship song he was going to play the next day.
-Katie N, Detroit

During my sophomore year of high school I met a girl at a party at my friend's house. We hooked up for awhile and then went upstairs into my friend's bedroom. The girl starts giving me a blowjob. I was excited since it was the first time I ever got one, but was nervous because I didn't want to come too fast. After about 5 minutes of trying with all my might not to come, I decide that it's been long enough. Thirty minutes later the girl stops and says she has to go home. I never came.
-Jimmy, Sacred Heart University

I just graduated from high school and would talk to this one girl I liked. We would hang out occasionally with other friends, but I liked her so I asked her if she wanted to see a movie on Friday. She said yes but she was starting work at a new job and wasn't sure when she was getting out so she didn't know if she could go for sure. Before she started work on Friday I asked her to give me a call if she got off early so we might be able to catch a movie and she just said, "Ok sounds good, sorry if I can't ahead of time". I text her later that night asking if she was off and wanted to go, I get a reply saying "I'll text you back later I'm at the movies."