Alex Trebek- Hello ladies and gentlemen, let's meet today's contestants; John King, our returning champion

John- Glad to be back Alex.

Alex Trebek- Betty Goldberg

Betty- Happy to be here.

Alex Trebek- Chet Seaworth


Alex Trebek- Chet?

Chet-…What? Oh, sorry broseph.  Whats up?

Alex Trebek- Lets just get down to business shall we?  The catagories are:
"19th Century Literary Characters"
"World War I"
"German Artists"
"Supreme Court Justices"
"European Museums"
and, of course, "Potent Potables".
John as returning champion you get first selection.

John- Okay, how about "Supreme Court Justices" for $100.

Alex Trebek- From 1776 to present day how many justices have served for the U.S. government?

(Chet hits his buzzer)

Alex Trebek- (surprisingly) Chet?

Chet- heheh…uhhh…420?

Alex Trebek- Wow, that was an interesting round.  Chet, the producers ask for you to please watch your mouth and refrain from the inappropriate gestures.

Chet- Lame.

Alex Trebek- Come on Chet, we all apreciate the generous donation your parents made to the show…

Chet- Damn straight.

Alex Trebek- …but please try to calm down, or we'll have to ask you to leave.

Chet- Dude, mad dank.

Alex Trebek- Moving on…The Double Jeopardy catagories are :
"College Lacrosse Teams"
"Complete The Lil' Wayne Lyric"
"PS3 and XBOX 360 Best Selling Games"
"Drinking Game Rules"
"Pick-Up Lines"
and "Reasons Why Matthew McConaughey is Awesome"

Chet- Sickkkkkkkkkkkk.

Alex Trebek- Well…thats all we have for tonight.  I want to, umm, congratulate our …winner tonight: Chet.  Well Done, Chet.  That was quite a comeback there, some would even say impossible or undeserved.  We'll see you next week.

Chet- Suck it, Trebek. HAHA! Get it? God, I gotta get daps for that when I get back home.