College has ended, and your lack of a job coupled with an overwhelming urge to save money has lead you back to the one place you vowed you'd never return: home. Lucky for you, your parents won't act much differently than the sh*tty roommate you're leaving behind. Can you tell who said what? Roll over for the answers.

I got you a new toothbrush.
Nice! CSI marathon!
Wow, it's past my bedtime.
I found what you were hiding under your bed.
Excuse me, I'm on the PHONE.
Now THIS is good music.
The ladies are coming over tonight, so you should probably just stay in your room.
I borrowed a pair of socks.
Your mother and I would like the place to ourselves tonight.
I put condoms in your bedside table.
I got a TON of yard signs. They're in the living room.
I can't turn the music down!
And I thought your sister was dirty.