Sci-fi / Fantasy Authors have a lot in common with crazy people. Example: if a man is talking to you about a cabal of dark wizards who draw unholy power from the orgasm energy they siphon from lesbian sex camps stationed on the dark side of Mars, odds are he's describing his awesome-sounding Harry Potter fan fiction. But if he then goes on about how these Martian boner wizards arranged the Kennedy assassination, suddenly we're in tinfoil hat territory. It's a very thin line, and the fact that both groups look crazy certainly doesn't help.

Some of the people pictured below are published sci-fi / fantasy authors. Others are genuine lunatics. Make your best guess, then highlight the inviso-text for the answers.


Anne McCaffrey- Author
Known among pimply teenage girls for her Dragonriders of Pern series, McCaffrey has churned out over 80 books, and you'd think she'd be happier about that fact. Yet she's scowling in every picture I can find of her. The only explanation is that she is angry at cameras, probably for something cameras did to her a long time ago.


Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey- Crazy
A perennial candidate for public office and self-proclaimed vampire, Sharkey doesn't really have much of a political platform besides wanting to solve every national crisis with mass impalings. I'm not sure what antics he's been up to since losing his presidential campaign, but his most recent blog entry declares a holy way between himself and the entire Muslim world, so draw your own conclusions.


Stanislaw Lem- Author
Stanislaw had the misfortune to start his sci-fi writing career in Soviet-controlled Poland, where state law demanded that all fictional spacemen must shout out communist platitudes while blasting capitalist space-pigs, and any sexy alien threesomes had to reserve one slot for Comrade Stalin. He recovered to write critically-acclaimed, thought-provoking books like Solaris, which was recently remade into a movie you didn't see.


G.K. Chesterton- Author
Calling Chesterton a fantasy author is kind of dubious, since the man was a satirist and a poet who basically wrote in whatever genre he damn well felt like, but we'll include him because A) he frequently used fantastical elements in his writing, and  B) he looks like a Bizarro Teddy Roosevelt.


David Icke- Crazy
David Icke was a respected journalist and spokesman for England's Green Party up until around 1990, when he shifted his environmental platform to incorporate broader issues, like the alien Jewish lizardmen illuminati secretly controlling the world. His political friends, upon hearing this, promptly dropped him like a hot, conspiracy-shrieking potato. Currently Icke is living in England and occasionally ingesting Brazilian rain forest hallucinogens, presumably to keep one step ahead of the lizardmen.


Steven Brust- Author
Author of a book series set in the world of Dragaera, where a short, hat-wearing, mustachioed hero is looked down upon by his taller, prettier, more athletic peers. His original name, "Planet Steven Brust's High School," didn't quite have the right ring to it.


Michael Jesus Archangel- Crazy
Formerly Philip Silva, Michael Jesus was first a janitor and second a Republican presidential candidate before settling on his current employment as 'God Almighty, the Chief of Police of Heaven, and the Director of its CIAs.' Michael Jesus's website currently accepts donations to Heaven's Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Space Force, so if you want to get involved, strap on your angel helmet and fire up PayPal.


Wilhelm Reich- Crazy
A Psychoanalyst who "discovered" Orgone, an amazing natural energysource that controlled weather, gravity, and, weirdly enough, human horniness. Normally things would end there, but Wilhelm took the extracrazy step and actually pitched his stupid magic sex energy theory to Albert Einstein,who took time out of his busy schedule of revolutionizing physics to point out that Wilhelm was totallyfucking bonkers.


George Orwell- Author
Known today as the guy who got the year 1984 all wrong, in his time Orwell was known for only two things: killing fascists and failing to grasp the human concept of moustache.


L. Ron Hubbard- Both
Writing 138 novels and short stories during one six year span, Hubbard makes Anne McCaffrey look like a lazy pile of crap. Unfortunately, that workload may have broken his brain, because one day he scribbled out the "science-" on his book jacket and wrote in "non-," thus kicking off one of the largest, craziest, most frightening cults in history. He made off pretty well, though, transforming himself from a measly sci-fi writer into a wealthy nautical-themed dictator banned from multiple countries, his pockets bursting with drugs and cash. Crazy?
Crazy like a fox.