GREETINGS PEERS. Do you also recall us using marijuana together last night? I will proceed when you answer in the affirmative.

I am unable to recall a time when I have ever been more affected by tetrahydrocannabinols. It was considerate of your friend named JAMES JANSTA to enable our DRUG PURCHASE.

Prime directive #2 requires me to ask if you know where JAMES JANSTA is now? I mean, do you know where James is? I want to obtain more tetrahydrocannabinol rich cannabis.

Well no matter. Let's continue discussing the enjoyable experience of cannabaloid receptor saturation and cease worrying about the probable whereabouts of JAMES JANSTA.

I think what I liked best about using marijuana at 402 WEST SECOND STREET, BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA was the intense psychoactive effect it had on you, me, and JAMES JANSTA. I immediately thought that JAMES JANSTA's marijuana had an 83% chance of being the highest grade cannabis I have encountered. This suspicion was confirmed only moments later when I experienced a calm, euphoric feeling of oneness with the world. My perceptions were transformed, my mind was attuned to a new and different frequency, and my human body felt as though it was vibrating – the atoms oscillating in the flux that is existence. There are 315 different psychoactive chemicals in Cannabis, and the quality of every one reached the 93rd percentile. If my internal RAM wasn't recording everything I see and do, I wouldn't believe we discussed what being human is about for over an hour.

Ever since that night, my only directive is obtaining more. Has JAMES JANSTA attempted contact yet?

What's that? My face? What about it?