Simply roll your mouse over the text to read what the paranoid boyfriend hears.

Isabel greets her boyfriend, Tom, at a lunch restuarant.

Hey Tom, how has your day been?
My bad that I missed your call last night, I fell asleep studying for my exam. You will never guess how many pages I read.
And sorry I'm late. I just got off the phone with my friend Robert from High School.
He's in town for a day and wants to go to a movie tonight. I'd invite you, but he made me promise it would be a High School friend's night out.
Tom, relax. It's not like that. We are just friends.
Tom, we have been friends forever!
Oh my god, Tom, Robert is gay.

Sweet! Robert just texted me that Frank is also in town and wants to come to the movie.
Hi. I'm Justin and I'll be your server.
No way…Justin?
Isabel!? What a coincidence, just the other day I was thinking about High School.
I actually just talked to Frank and Robert and we are heading to a movie tonight. Do you want to come?
I'd love to come.
No Tom! I seriously don't think you coming along will work.
I'll give you two some extra time to look at the menu, I'm psyched for the movie.
Hold on, Tom, Robert is calling me.
Well it turns out Robert's actually going to take an early flight home today so I have to go meet him at the movie now. Hopefully, Justin can leave work early.
Oh my god, Tom, stop being so jealous. I really have to go. I'll see you later tonight, but it actually may be hard to get in touch because my phone is dying.
Goodbye honey.