Did you know during the summertime your mind can turn to mush so instead of heading over to Kumon or reading a book (might as well tell your parents you're gay) why not give your brain full body workout with some good old fashioned family fun— yeah that's right a BRAIN TEASER. Answers are at the bottom of the page!
  Q: What do Babe, Bond, Reagan, and Pat Cassells all have in common?

 Q: A farmer needs to bring Lindsey Lohan, a steak dinner with all the fixin's, and a fat cow named Perez Hilton across the river for the summer. But the boat only has enough room to bring 2 at a time. How does the farmer do it without losing any property? Remember Lindsey Lohan will kill herself if left near Hilton and Hilton will eat that delicious dinner.

 Q: If every time a man sees a hot woman he gets a boner that lasts for 5 minutes. How many minutes of Boner would this man tally at a WNBA playoff game at Madison Square Garden?
 Q: What gender is the Farmer from question 2?
 Q: What do VCR players, Coal, and Oj Simpson all have in common?

 Enjoy your summer kids! Don't forget to hand in your papers after you are done with your quiz!


 1. They all bent over Communist pigs and did them in the bum

 2.  The farmer takes the steak dinner with all the fixin's across with Lohan then marries her and magically Perez Hilton is across the river for the wedding.

 3. 0

 4. Transgender. Women cannot be farmers but Lohan is a lesbian.

 5. They are old, dirty, murderers, and mostly black.