Dear Mark:
Thanks for disabling my facebook account; I got the email from a nice lady named Bella.

Can you believe I almost wanted MySpace?
I have a business pitch for you Mark, combine MySpace and facebook and call it Myface. Done deal, you tell your friends to come on myface, and I'll make a facebook group. Oh never mind.

Facebook killed my inner-child. So thank you Bella for disabling my account. Do you exist? Were you born a sadistic person? Or maybe it's a disability. You know… I was looking for random play. What does the even mean? Who cares, I wouldn't mind poking a Bella. I've always wanted to upgrade my facebook status to its complicated. Oh wait, too late.

In the end, am I the only one who thinks it's wrong to disable somebody's account because they wanted to belong to Arkansas high school? I mean, isn't the internet supposed to let the inner-stalker out of everyone. What other reason would somebody create a "social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them". To keep in touch? Nope. I will get to the bottom of this conspiracy that is facebook.

From MATTHEW DOUGLAS-Forever looking for random play

PS. You listed that Lisa Robertson was married to Stacy Jordan, but when I asked Lisa about this, she did not seem to be aware of any marital relationship with Stacy.