: Green,we have to talk. I think I'm…strawberried.

Green: But, I don't understand. You're chocolate.

R: I know I'm chocolate, I've just been having all these feelings. These…sweet, fruity feelings.

G: It's just a promotion, Red. It's confusing, I know-remember when you went dark chocolate for Star Wars? It'll pass.

R: This isn't like dark chocolate. Don't you see? I've never been meant for chocolate.

G: What's really wrong here…am I not good enough for you? Sure I could lose a little milkfat, but I've been using propyl gallate to maintain freshness!

R: It's not you sweetheart, it's just who I am. And it took Yipes to show me that.

G: The Fruit Stripe zebra? How could you! And after I let you melt in my-

: But never your hands! I didn't even know I could, until I met him.

G: You monster! I should've known when you were pink on Easter you'd end up some…rainbow-tasting fruit snack!

R: Leave the Skittles out of this, they're family!

G: You didn't want to hear that when I caught you kissing your cousin!

R: Sour Blue Raspberry is a cousin by marriage! Why can't you just be happy for me, Green? I'd hoped we could all be friends…

: You're nuts! (runs out crying)

: Not anymore baby. I'm just rich, creamy, peanut butter passion.

: …In a hard candy shell of strawberry desire! Come give Papa some dextrose.