You knows when you go home and you go home and you make yourself some food after the club, LOVE GAME OR YOU WANT FAME LOVE GAME. GADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well this can help.


APPETIZER: Apple Slices and Tropical flavored Mike and Ikes

 Here's the thing about this: A tropical tropical melody of flavorssssssssssssssssssssssss

 Preperation: Cut the apples? into slices you can find a thing online and preopen the boxes of Mike and Ikes so they can slide out freely because we did not FIGHT FOR THIS SHIT! WITHOUT FIGHTING FOR IT ALL, ALL THE FREEDOM.

 Make: Put apples slices on a plate then pour them Mike and Ikes's on the plate aswell. Wallah they are good, GOOD AS SHIT!


ENTREE: ZOODLES and DORITOS, the americano italiano

 Real americano italiano at your fingertips without the real americano italiano

 Preperation: open bag of Doritos. Open can of Zoodles make sure not to smell either if you are drunk.

 Make: Mix about much less than 200 and a half cups of DORITOS originals into a bowl of ZOODLES. Stir to way you like it. Take bowl to microwave and cook for 14 minutes to get a niceiceice smokey flavor of real americano italiano. Plate for 2. Put something over the bowl or else your bowl will take a shit in your microwave like those god forsaken democrats did at LOVE GAME, GET YOUR LOVE GAME. IF YOU WANT A RIDE ON MA DISCO STICK LOVE GAME. GAGY GAGA IS THE!!!