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It was eighth grade and I had never been kissed and me and some friends were hanging out and all encouraging me to kiss my crush. So finally I told myself the next time someone tells me to kiss him I'll do it. Turns out my crush was the first one to mention it because he said "kiss me", so I went in and kissed him. As soon as our lips parted he said "No I said, "Casey", Casey was out friend sitting across from us.
-Sara, UCDavis

My now ex-gf canceled on a double date a 1/2 hour before we were supposed to go out. I had to call my friend as he was already on his way over to my house and tell him he was on his own for dinner now. Then she broke up with me that night saying she wasn't ready for a relationship. She called me the next day and asked me to buy her booze.

I never appreciated the song centerfold until i stumbled across a picture of my ex-girlfriend naked on the internet.
-Brett Y.

A girl once called me 82 times in one night. You think she would have figured it out once I didn't pick up the first time. We weren't dating.
-Bill, Bowling Green

My ex is Korean and he asked me to give him a blowjob while he played Starcraft for his birthday.
-Stephanie, Georgia Tech

In high school, at the last dance of the year, a guy that I liked asked me to slow dance. I was so happy, but then he told me "Hang on a second, stay right there!" while holding my hand and walking away. A few seconds later he was right back next to me and he had only walked a few feet away. I was confused. Then he said, "Sorry, I had to fart."
-Jamie B., CA

I was getting pretty serious with my high school girlfriend. One night I went over to watch a movie with her. We sat on the couch and started watching the flick and were covered with a blanket. Her family all went to bed and the next thing I know she's unzipped my pants and is rubbing me. Unfortunately her little sister fell asleep on the couch by us. Well my girlfriend didn't seem to notice and got under the blanket to give me a blow job. It was hard to get off with her sister asleep next to us, so it took me a while but right as I was about to come her sister let out a snore. My girlfriend shot up and the blanket over us got the full effect… 3 days later when I returned I looked at the blanket and her face turned white because she had apparently forgotten to wash it and her dad was snuggled under the stained sheet watching the game.
-Ryan, ASU

As a high-schooler with NO sexual experience whatsoever, I wasn't exactly prepared to get a BJ. As I finished, she seemed shocked and, after spitting, asked me why I didn't warn her I was going to finish, and if I was "testing" her. I seriously had no idea something was gonna come out of me, but managed to convince her that I didn't warn her because, yes, I was "testing" her. (She passed… I guess?)
-Uyoj, U. of Soratami