There are a lot of purely good things in this world, like beer, sports, beersports….and…umm…ok so there are about three purely good things in the world. When I'm not partaking in the aforementioned in some capacity, I find myself getting irritated with something new at least 3 times a day. Things that just, I don't know, really chap my ass. Realizing I'm just another redhead Irishman probably on the path to expensive and worthless anger management classes, I thought it might be cheaper to share my frustrations with others. You might be thinking "Great, another dime a dozen wise ass, just what I need." Well that may be, and @#$# you for thinking that, but I bet alot of this stuff pisses you off too.

What Really Chaps My Ass, Episode 1 – NFL Overtime

I'm not sure whose ass needs kicked hardest: The jackass that came up with NFL overtime or the jackasses that voted for it. How the hell did that meeting go so awry? Was it getting late and everyone wanted to go home? Did the asshat no one usually listens to pipe up and say "Hey I know, after 60 grueling minutes of world-class, million dollar athletes fighting valiantly for the most coveted trophy in the civilized world, should there be a tie score let's just flip a coin to decide who gets to kick a field goal and call it a day." Yeah, no you guys are right. It's a damn good thing that at the pro level, with the money people are paying to watch, you don't have your shit all out of sorts like college—with their ridiculous equal opportunity overtime that forces someone to actually beat someone else at something other than heads or tails guessing. Young athletes everywhere work their asses off and dream at night of that one day where they earn the opportunity to stand at midfield and say "Heads. Receive." You know what, why risk all the injuries that regular time seems to entail? Let's just start and end the game with a coin toss and save everyone a lot of time and trouble (especially Larry Nemmers). Who needs their ass kicked harder? It's probably a tie…shit. Guess sports aren't purely good afterall. Way to ruin 1/3 of my list assholes.

Next Episode – Stay tuned….