First, to recap what we saw last season.  Medellin sucked, Smokejumpers never made it, and Vince couldn't get a sit down meeting with anyone in the country, much less Hollywood.  E started to show some initiative as a Tinsel Town shark by going to bat for Vince but ended up being fired anyway.  His efforts ended up with a better than expected outcome (scoring Vince the lead in Martin Scorcese's Gatsby), and just as he was torn away from Vince's teet, Vince couldn't deal with the swelling that comes with all that extra milk, and quickly returns to the West Coast and reunites his metaphoric mammaries with E's mouth and the guys are again together like the Entourage they are.

We enter Season Six to see E becoming more of the baller and less of the pussy we've come to adore. Don't get to used to it though, he almost dropped the L-Bomb on some one night stand and is primed to move into his own crib thanks to a call from Sloan. 

SIDE NOTE:  How amazingly hot is Sloan??  I wish I could write an article only about her and use pictures of her instead of words and type them with my genitals instead of my fingers.

Anyway, meanwhile, Vince decides he's going to join the rest of the slobs of society and drive himself for a change.  Despite dragging an orange barrel across the parking lot and wedging a traffic cone in the wheel-well, he manages to obtain his license with a little luck, and two tickets to his Gatsby premiere. 

In the world of "The Suits", Ari is on top of the world alongside his bromance Andrew Kline, who's latest score involves signing My Name is Earl to the Gold Standard.  Their office antics are reminiscent of their first lunch at the bar and I have a feeling that this behavior will end up biting Ari and proving that bitch Babs right. 

Lloyd gained a shit-ton of weight including some in his balls.  And as the hunted becomes the hunter, so does the catcher become the pitcher as he totally rails Ari in his own office and even denies him a reach-around.  He demands an answer to what the agency has in store for his career, and is using some Ari-esque techniques to apply some serious pressure to his mentor.  Ari says if he lasts 100 days then he will have his answer.  I just hope his 100 days go better than Obama's.

We don't find out a lot about Drama or Turtle.  We just know that Drama has his own address, but is still basically living at the house with the baby bro.  Turtle lost all the weight that Lloyd gained (connection?) and is still slamming Jamie-Lynn. He still has no direction in his life, but at least he's thinking about it, right?

So our superstar Vince is again on top of the world.  He's got a new movie about to premiere, he killed on Leno, and he's doing hotties in the Escalade.  Now I know why rappers love them so much.

But despite how good everything is going, everyone is drifting apart.  Drama's got his TV show, Turtle's got his girlfriend, and E's got his own place.  For the first time we see Vince completely alone, and I have a feeling it can't last very long. 

Next week we'll all be looking forward to seeing the guys at the premiere and seeing Vince back on top. And I'll be looking forward to seeing more Sloan as I sit naked in front of a big screen.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys next week!

On a side note:  I always like the songs that play during the ending credits; so armed with my iPhone and Shazam app, I'll try to identify what it is each week.  This week it was "Lucky Man" by The Verve.