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Towards the end of 7th grade one of the hottest girls in my class came up to me in the library and asked me out. I of course told her yes and our courtship began. Unfortunately she told me she would be at "soccer camp" all summer. I didn't see or talk to her once all summer. The next year in school I over heard her tell her friends that she's never had a boyfriend. I corrected her reminding her that we "dated". She just looked at me and said "no that was a joke".

When I took my ex-girlfriend off my top friends on myspace, she started a fight that resulted in her threatening to commit suicide.
-Dan, Cleveland State

I was dating a girl in my senior year of high school, and she came over at night and we ended up watching a movie. I was on some medication for some pesky acne that thinned my blood and made my skin very brittle. Needless to say, not a whole lot of movie was watched. We were making out, quite hot and heavy, and I was on top of her, when I felt something wet around my cheek/mouth area. When I pulled away to see what was the matter, I saw that most of her entire face was covered in blood, and both of my nostrils were streaming. She said that she thought the wetness was because I just had a lot of snot.

I was hanging out with my girlfriend one night while in high school, and after we ate dinner with my family I told them that we were going to go watch a movie downstairs in my room. I go down and start the movie, but it very quickly moves to us having sex. About half way through, my mom walks in with a bunch of laundry, stops, looks at us with a big smile and says, "This doesn't look like a movie!" and then walks out. We both felt way to awkward to finish.
-Steve A.

So one weekend my girlfriend and I were staying at my parents place in the guest room. Before dinner with the family we tried to take a nap, which turned into a quick make-out session, which turned into a handjob. All was going well and just as the handjob was coming to an end, we heard a quick knock on the door and my dad saying, "Hey guys, dinners ready…" as he entered the room. My girlfriend and I froze…and then I made eye contact with my father as I came.

After dating for about two months, my girlfriend invited me to her aunt's house to swim in her hot tub. As it turns out, her four year old cousin thought I was awesome, and most times I was around he wanted to be near me. We went into the hot tub alone, and after a few minutes of kissing, my hand was in her swimming suit. Soon after, her cousin came out to join us, so that ended quickly. Awhile later, he was telling us to feel how cold his face was, and without thinking I touched it. "Wow, your face is cold," I said. To which my girlfriend replied "Not that hand!"
-Ryan, UW Green Bay

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In the summer of 2005 I brought a cross-eyed girl back to my friend's house very late at night, and we ended up having sex on the living room couch. The moment we finished I was immediately filled with regret and embarrassment. So without saying a word to her, I got up and walked down to the basement by myself and played Tiger Woods Golf until she left.
-Brad S.