With the recent Harry Potter movie release, I learned a lot about my fellow students/generation/people-I've-added-on-Facebook-but-barely-know.  Mostly things I wish I didn't know.  The following are things that you should no longer be doing at this stage in your life.

Dressing up in a costume for an event that does not require a costume

This obviously doesn't apply during Halloween or any themed parties.  But when you decide that it will be a good idea to put on a robe, wizard hat, and bring a wand with you to go see a movie, you are crossing the line.  This was great when you were a little kid and you and all your friends got together to do it, but that's just it, you were a little kid.  Now when you do this, it looks like you and your friends are just going to be fulfilling your fetishes.  And it's not like anyone can really see your costume.  You will be sitting in a dark theater, and the only person who will notice it is the guy behind you trying to look around your wizard hat.  The only other people who will see it are the people you are waiting in a line with hours before it shows at midnight.

Waiting hours to see/get something that will be available for awhile

With this one, I'll lay off the Harry Potter fans for a little while (Still, waiting hours for a movie that will be available the rest of your life is ridiculous) and talk to the people who wait hours to purchase something.  I understand this only if this is for a once in a lifetime event, but when you wait hours to buy, a video game, book, or phone, there's no point.  We'll do each case by case.  A video game is for sure not worth waiting for.  Why?  You're already going to be spending hours upon hours of your life playing this game and you getting it early enough to start playing it right away will save you only a small fraction of time in the long run.  I find book's to be far worse than video games.  A majority of the people who will wait hours for the release of a book are likely to go spend the rest of their night also reading it, and have it finished within a day.  Okay, unlike video games, books end.  You just paid $15 to finish it within a day.  Normally people get books for down time, maybe finishing only 30 some pages in a week.  Not you, you decided to finish it so fast and now you're the first person you know finished!  But wait, who are you going to talk to about the book?  No one, because you can't spoil it for anyone.  Good job, now not only did you lose your time, but also now you have nothing to do because your friends are still reading it.  And now a phone.  Honestly, it's just a phone, and there will be a better model out for the same price in a year, it's not that exciting.

Creating fan "porn"

I just find this disturbing.  Mostly because, more often than not, the characters depicted are really underage.  That's bad enough, but if you are that big of a fan of ANYTHING that you want to either draw or see drawn porn involving the subject, you are now just in need of serious mental help.  I don't want to delve too deep into this subject because if you already do this, you're probably the past the point of my help.

Still being excited about Harry Potter movies

While some of you can call me out on saying "but you were never a fan, you don't understand", I do know people who are still fans of it but don't wet themselves over a new movie, and I know people who do.  The point is, we all agree that it's kind of sad to get so excited about it.  It's a series made for mostly middle school kids.  Nearly all fans agree that the movies not only have sucked, but have gotten worse with each one.  Now, guys, don't try to pull the "but Emma Watson is so hot".  Yes, she is.  And even though she's legal now, she still won't be stripping during a PG movie.  You can enjoy pictures of her, and photoshopped pictures of her, all over the internet without paying a dime.  My other problem with people being excited about the movies is that they already know how the movie will go.  You've read the book, you know what's going to happen.  It's not like they're going to change anything.  So really, what's all the excitement for?