Eyes: Approaching from across bar – Brunette, 5'5'', athletic build…
Brain: Identifying Amanda Harvey, graduated Central with us in '05. Alright, Mouth, ready for some info?
Mouth: Lay it on me. Promise not to screw up this time.
Brain: Played soccer, sat next to us in chem junior year, liked helping people, community service, that kind of thing. Avoid clichéd expressions.
Mouth: Hey Amanda. Wow long time no see!
Brain: What did I just say, Mouth?  How we doing Eyes?
Eyes: I'm keeping them on her eyes and forehead but it's tough. The years have been good to her body…
Brain: Be strong, Eyes, be strong.  Ears, what are we picking up?
Ears: Went to State, has a job with a law firm, something about a grandmother. 

Brain: Find out about that grandmother! Eyes, Ears can only focus if you focus above her breasts. C'mon guys we're a team!

Ears: Internship, carwash, magazine subscriptions?  Sorry, Mouth, that's all I've got for ya.  It's loud in here. Gon'na have to improvise.

Mouth: Dammit, Ears, focus!  That's great about your internship with the law firm.  Yeah my family was going through the same thing with my grandma when she was sick.  The car wash, what a pain!
Eyes: Got'ta to do better, Mouth.  She's noticeably losing interest and looking around the bar.
Ears: Asking about our life, what school we went to, what we've been up to, etc.
Mouth: You know, just graduated. Got a job with the local paper but nothing too serious. Can't wait to move out of my parent's house, you know?
Brain: Good job Mouth. Short, to the point, relatable. Try to smile a little more. It's called charm.
Ears:  She's talking about the hassles of living with parents and saying 'you know' a lot.
Brain: That's a cue to keep talking about parents, but not so much that it sounds creepy.
Mouth: They're nice but I can't wait to get my own apartment. Doesn't matter how old you are. If you live with them they're still going to baby you.  Mom, MEAT LOAF!
Brain: Interesting move, Mouth. A Wedding Crasher's quote that was out of date AND sort of irrelevant to the conversation?
Ears: it's OK, she laughed! She said she loves that movie. Oh gross what was that sound?
Nose: Did we seriously just fart?
Ass: Sorrrrrry guys. It just slipped.
Eyes: She's walking over to that table across the room that's full of guys.
Penis: Fuck.