Roll-over for reality.

I spot Tracey Sommers across the room. We lock eyes and approach each other, probably in slo-mo.
Tracey: Hey Brian! Good to see you!
Me: You too. Sorry I'm late.
Tracey: I still can't believe you got Third Eye Blind to play my party.
Me: Yeah, they're old friends of my uncle. Excuse me for one second.
I go onstage to play lead guitar for "Jumper". I finish with a sweet guitar solo and flawless back-flip.
Tracey: That was amazing!
Me: It's nothing. Just something I picked up during the six weeks of guitar lessons I got for my 17th birthday.
Tom, Tracey's ex-boyfriend, enters.
Tom: Oh man, I'm sorry I made that up horrible nickname for you. You're actually a pretty cool guy.
Tracey: Agreed. Also, since all your acne cleared up last week, you look a lot like that guy from Dawson's Creek.
"Semi-Charmed Kind Life" plays in the background. Tracey and I make out, with tongue.
Tracey: Let's have lots of no-strings-attached sex before we leave for college.