Vinnie's back baby!  And he's not the only one.  Papparazzi are actually requesting photos of Drama, E's got random sleezy's visiting his new pad at unexpected times, and Turtle gets featured as the trophy boyfriend he is for Jamie-Lynn.  The premiere of Martin Scorcese's Gatsby was a huge success and now everyone wants a piece of Vincent Chase.

The guys haven't lost their Queens charm.  Instead of using their millions of dollars to hire movers; an A list celebrity, a B list celebrity, and a Turtle help move E into his new place themselves. 

Sloan swings by and puts out the vibe that she feels like she's in a frat house full of boys.  Will E be able to be the man she's looking for?  E asks her to the premiere and voluntarily enters 'the friend zone'.  I did think it was odd that they didn't even ride in the limo together.  Do you think they went Dutch on the drinks?

Drama, having no girlfriend because he bitched her out on a trans-Atlantic phone call, is looking for a date for the premiere.  He snags the young 'Associate' at the suit place and soon finds out she is a freak-a-leak.  All turns out well for Drama though because he was guaranteed sex for at least him and maybe a friend or two or seven.

The antics between Ari and Andrew are causing tension, as I alluded to last week, and if Andrew continues to cheat on his wife, who Mrs. Ari is now in love with, I believe that Ari will be getting pressure from both Babs and the Mrs. to can the playboy. 

SIDE NOTE:  I would cry tears of joy everyday if that when I'm 40 my wife is as hot as either Mrs. Ari or Mrs. Kline, so I don't know why old men have to prove their youth by slaying young hoodrats.  But then again, I'm not 40.

Turtle squirms a little at the idea of being seen in public with Jamie-Lynn, probably because he is feeling inadequate because he is.  We still love him, though, and I'm sure the tabloids will too, right?

E is encountered three times during the day by Ashley, one of his random bitties that looks a little too much like Hannah Montana to make me not feel guilty getting an erection (of course I did anyway).  He shoots her down at the house when she fishes for an invite to the premiere, and again at the post-party, but bit the third time when she called to apologize for how the night went, and he agrees to go over to her place. 

Just as E was leaving the house he got a text from Sloan and I thought 'Oh shit! Don't you do this to us E!', but our boy came through and slayed that slammin' piece instead of playing Sloan's head games.  

Quote(s) of the night, both by Kelly, Drama's date:
"The more the merrier." – referring to the number of penises in her vagina.
"I kinda did bang Seth Rogen." – referring to one of the many penises in her vagina.

Closing credit song: "Why Can't I Touch It?" by Buzzcocks

Next week we'll see Turtle struggle with his public image as well as the guys racing on the set of Vinnie's next movie. 

Thanks for reading!