Despite awesome movies like The Hangover and shitty movies like Whatever Happens in Vegas, I have no inclination to go to Vegas.  Too many times someone says "Let's all go to Vegas…there is some sweet deal…blah blah blah." To which I have no response but a stern "fuck no."

Vegas is never a "deal." A deal is wings on Tuesdays and 45 cents off detergent. Yet some unimaginative asshole always suggests a trip to Vegas because "seriously guys, we need this, it will be so awesome". Vegas is cliché and painfully uncreative. Most people our age dislike paying for toilet paper, let a lone a twenty dollar buy in for a game of black jack. 

So, yes, I do want to go to Vegas, but no, I'm not Jay Z so I won't be spending dollars on slots or roller coaster hotel rooms. I would just as rather drink a bottle of 10 dollar wine, go somewhere local, meet people, and after many half hearted attempts to mingle with the opposite sex, settle for a slice of pizza amongst friends. 

Besides, Amsterdam is pretty cheap this time of year, heard that place is maaaad fun.