Director Brassel: Agent Hunt, how's that mission going? The one where you're supposed to draw a triangle with three obtuse angles?

Agent Hunt: Uh, not well. It's completely impossible. I'm really not sure why that's a mission.

Director Brassel: Hunt, you work on the Impossible Mission Force! We're supposed to be the best of the best. Do you realize you have a 0% success rate on all of your missions?

Agent Hunt: Everyone here has a 0% success rate. We take on missions that literally are not possible. Remember my last mission?

Director Brassel: Your mission to capture 10 live dodos or to travel faster than the speed of light but slower than the speed of sound?

Agent Hunt: Either one. They're just things that no one can complete.

Director Brassel: What about that one time your brother Ethan got those files while suspending himself from the ceiling with Ving Rhames? Everyone was all like, "No way! That's impossible! Ving Rhames will never agree to it!" But he did and it worked!

Agent Hunt: That was just a really difficult mission that got assigned to us by mistake. Remember how pissed the Possible But Difficult Mission Force was when they got assigned the mission to make a perpetual motion  machine using nothing but fresh dodo eggs?

Director Brassel: Why do you think they call us the Impossible Mission Force? Because we do difficult missions? No! Because we do impossible missions!

Agent Hunt: But we don't. We waste billions of dollars in government funds to "destroy the wind" and "draw a circle with corners."

Director Brassel: Gasp! We have a new mission coming in, Hunt! Want to hear what it is?

Agent Hunt: No. I absolutely do not.

Director Brassel: Your mission, Agent Hunt, should you decide to accept it, is to start a Twitter account and make a tweet with 141 characters.

Agent Hunt: That's it, I quit.

Director Brassel: Are you sure? Ving Rhames is waiting in the helicopter. We've paid him for the day. Plus, I already lit the fuse. Dun dun DAH DAH dun dun duh-duh-DUH

Agent Hunt: Eh, I guess it's possible.

Director Brassel: …dooda-doo – WAIT! Possible? Get the hell out of here, Hunt. You're a disgrace to this lit fuse.