Caller: The next number is G-50.

Ringo: Ringo!

Caller: It sounds like we have a bingo in the back.

Ringo: No, Ringo! Ringo Starr, from The Beatles!

Caller: Oh, it looks like Ringo Starr is here, what a pleasant surprise.

One guy in the back claps, Ringo smiles to himself.

Caller: Next is N-42.

Ringo: Ringo! I know, can you believe it? Ringo Starr, from The Beatles, here at the local bingo night!

Caller: That's great. B-6.

Some Lady: Bingo!

Ringo: Yeah, that's right! Ringo Starr is here! Just think, after all these years the ladies are still calling my name! Boy old Ringo you still got it.

Caller: It looks like we have a Bingo. Now let's start the next game. The first number is O-64.

Ringo: (sings) "When I'm sixty-four!" Do you all remember when Paul sang that one? Great song.

Caller: I-17

Ringo: (sings) "Well she was just seventeen, you know what I mean!" More classic McCartney.

Caller: Ringo, please stop talking. The next number is B-11.

Ringo: You know, Paul's playing Giants Stadium tonight, but that doesn't mean old Ringo can't have any fun! And what's more fun than bingo night?

Caller: G-59

Ringo: Paul told me I can't go to his shows any more, but I know he's just kidding. Paul is such a kidder!

Caller: B-9

Ringo: It's too bad George's cancer wasn't B-9! Am I right?

Caller: OK now that was just offensive. Please stop. Next is O-72.

Ringo: Bingo! 4 corners.