Happy Birthday Turtle!  Two brand new cars and a full-ride to college isn't a bad haul.  You can't even do that good going on The Price is Right.

This week we had a lot of changes happening to the entourage. 

E wakes up to the what looks to be a new roommate, Ashley.  She looks a little too comfortable walking around in E's shirt, drinking E's coffee, watching E's TV, and telling E that Lil' Bow Wow can't act.  

E has to go through his first real failure on his own.  The ratings came in from Charlie's test pilot and everyone liked the show, but didn't like Charlie.  Consequently Charlie gets thrown out on his ass even though it's his show.

The guys all spend the day with Turtle for his 30th birthday.  It was kind of like an 8-year-old's party except instead of go kart racing they went Ferrari racing.  After the race Vince unveils his present, a blue Ferrari.  If that wasn't sweet enough, Jamie-Lynn gives him a silver Porsche.

E took a big step forward in the Hollywood business game by stomping into the studio's office per advice from Ari.  Eric throws a tantrum to try to curb the decision of the network and even calls them racist for kicking Charlie off the show.  Charlie still got canned, but it wasn't all for not.  E and Ari connect over the experience in a way we haven't yet seen and Ari even tells him he's proud of him.

Turtle gets upset about all the gifts because he believes everyone thinks he's a loser.  He insists he can buy his own cars, and I liked it when Drama asked, "How?".  Anyway after some soul searching, Turtle decides he's going to start his own business, but needs some advice and financial support, but doesn't want to ask Vince.  Ari is less than willing to either support him or connect him with people who will, but at least he motivates Turtle to take a positive direction in his life.  He decides he's going back to school to learn business so he can one day start his own.

Overall, I think we saw a lot of growth in the characters this week and that we'll see a much needed change of pace from the first three episodes.

Closing Credit Song:  "Can't Keep No Good Boy Down" by The Parlor Mob

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