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I once had a guy tell me on a date (as a compliment) that I smelled like his grandpa.
-DW, UW Madison

Freshman year of high school, after dating a girl for a couple months I was ready to lose the big V. I invite my lady over, set the mood by putting on a R&B station on the radio and start the evening by going "downtown" after servicing her for a bit we got down to the nitty gritty. Three pumps later i was done and in the following awkward silence the song "I don't want a 1 minute man" by Missy Elliot…

Junior year of high school I was dating this one girl whom I really liked and got along with really well. We dated for about 8 months when one day out of the blue, she dumps me. I had been completely unaware of the reason for quite some time until she finally let me know she thought our relationship had been "too physical." Not only had we not had sex, we hadn't done anything beyond kissing.
-Joseph, MI

When I was in middle school, a girl gave me a note during lunch that said, "Will you go out with me? Circle one. Yes. No. Maybe." I really had no interest in her and she was kind of ugly as were all the future girlfriends I would have from that point on. Nervous and scared, I circled "maybe" but she assumed that was still a yes, so we exchanged numbers and decided to meet at the park after school. I arrived about 30 minutes late and by that time, she had pretty much lost interest in me. A few years passed and the short lived relationship had been long forgotten half way through high school until, this fully developed hot chick that was once ugly randomly walked up to me and said, "You're that kid with the hot brother!". Bitch.

I once tried to give my girlfriend a facial. She blocked it with her hand and proceeded to smack me across the face with it. She then proceeded to say "Bitch!", in a very emasculating manner.
-James, Suffolk University

Back in my sophomore year of high school, me and this girl wanted to get a friends with benefits thing going. My parents owned an empty lot in the middle of nowhere so me and the girl drove out there and got in the back of the car. We got naked, started making out, then she reach her hand down there and got busy. Ten minutes later she complained that she was bored and her hand was tired. She got in the front seat to drive home and told me to finish up myself. The next day she ended our friends with benefits relationship.
-Greg, Virginia Tech

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This one kid in high school had his girlfriend jack him off into his bellybutton and then made her eat the ejaculate out with Wendy's french fries.