Dr. Percy Titford, University of Oxford

"Belief in God is not a matter of blind faith. God has given to humanity the gift of reason, a tool which we can use to prove the existence of the Almighty rationally and logically. I am confident, Mr. Muldoon, that even a man of your steadfast convictions can be convinced.

First, without God, objective moral values could not exist. Surely a man of your intelligence cannot deny the existence of objective moral values. The Holocaust was wrong, whether or not the Nazis thought they were doing the right thing. The argument can be expressed with a simple modus tollens argument:

1. If God does not exist, objective moral values do not exist.

2. Objective moral values do exist.

3. Therefore, God exists.

This is not to say that one must believe in God in order to know objective moral values, but the existence of God is necessary for them to exist."

Robert Muldoon, Dino Wrangler


Dr. Percy Titford

"God makes sense of the origin of the universe. Astronomers and other scientists have debated on the nature of the universe for centuries, but they have all come to one conclusion: that the universe is not eternal. The universe, at some point, began to exist, and whatever begins to exist must have a cause. Since God exists outside of the universe, He is the only possible being that could have caused the universe to exist.

You might ask youself, 'Well, what caused God to exist?' Remember that it is not 'whatever exists has a cause', but rather 'whatever begins to exist has a cause.' God, by definition, is eternal, and never began to exist. Thus, His existence is not dependent on a cause."

Robert Muldoon

"The raptors have been systematically testing the fences for weaknesses. They never attack the same spot twice. They remember…."

Dr. Percy Titford

"God also makes sense of the origin of mankind. The theory of evolution fails here, for it does not explain how life came from non-living materials. All humans and other living creatures are dependent beings, meaning that their existence is dependent on previously existing lifeforms: their parents. This process cannot regress ad infinitum. There must have been a primary and independent being that caused life to exist. This independent being is God.

Furthermore, evolution fails to account for body parts with many interconnected parts, such as the human eyeball. The eye is so complex and finely tuned, that without even one of its many parts, it could not function. It is impossible for the eyeball to have evolved from a simpler form, because that simpler form would not have worked. Thus, the only way the eye could have been constructed is by the hand of a divine creator."

Robert Muldoon

"Clever girl…"